Bipolar Rage

Sometimes, we want to do the right thing, but don’t know how. Sometimes, not knowing alternatives keeps us engaged in unhealthy behaviors. The list below is a collection of possibilities how to redirect behavior when an outburst of anger looms imminent. These ideas are a jumping off point for you to release angry energy. Can you think of others? Share your knowledge. I will print your suggestions on my blog, if you would care to pass them along my way.

  1. Decrease stress: Learn your limits:
    When you become aware of what sets you off, you can avoid those circumstances which result in losing your temper and create a breakdown in understanding.

  2. Journal the outburst, write it out:
    When you feel yourself beginning to lose control, being able to channel your frustration into words on paper (or electronically) can reduce the emotional charge and help to regain your calm. Reading something, writing it down, is a cooler means of communication and helps maintain composure.

  3. Keep a rubber band around your wrist:
    Snapping a rubber band whenever you feel anger rising can be a good preventative, a reminder to maintain your cool in avoiding an anger outburst. 

  4. Learn your physiological cues of anger to avoid outbursts before they occur:
    We don’t exist in a vacuum. Long before we have an outburst of anger, our bodies register the rising tides, of frustration and temper. Studying our responses to anger will help head off dangerous emotions before they occur. Whether it is an increase in heartbeat, sweat breaking out on your forehead, or a rush of heat, these and other physical sensations can offer a clue to what’s coming before you lose control.

  5. Take time out:
    Removing yourself from the presence of agitation can go a long way in helping yourself regain a sense of calm. Whenever you find the sense your rational mind is slipping into emotional excess, step away from the source of your mounting rage until a cooler mind returns.

  6. Calm yourself through exercise:
    One way to get your mind off a troubling encounter is to shift attention. Doing so with exercise can cut through a potential outburst. Moving the mind off its mental focus by physical demand moves concentration onto our bodies, relieving tension and releasing endorphins, the body’s natural tranquilizers. Triggering a mind-body relaxation response by exercising re-establishes clarity and calm.
These are some thoughts to keep you cool in the fray when you find yourself losing control to manic excess. Use these feelings as an opportunity to make a fresh start. As is true of any technique or strategy, it is only as good as what you actually put into practice. It takes work to take back your calm. but you need not be controlled by bipolar rage. Choose wisely, choose health.

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Bart and Lori's said...

I have a brother who is 63 he has screaming and yelling calling names slamming doors all day long he lives with my son and another room mate and another brother I can hear him from next door.My son took him in when he was homeless and can no longer indure the stress he is putting on them all.Bi poler runs in our family our dad was very angry and mean to us as kids wht can we do.

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